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Amazing places to explore in Tashkent

Tashkent known as “Stone City” is the capital city of Uzbekistan and most beautiful city in central Asia with great potential for an expanded Tourism Industry. This city is the political, economic, cultural and scientific centre of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The city is well planned and decorated with emerald green parks, gardens, fountains, tree-studded streets, wide pedestrian pathways, convenient underground passes, beautiful hotels, museums, markets, theaters and boulevards.

Tashkent is a combo of old as well as modern aspect like amazing historical buildings structures, beautiful hotels, parks, gardens, museums, markets, theatres and addition to this Monument of Courage Japanese Garden, TV tower, Brothers Tombs, Independence Square, Central market, Alayskiy Bazaar, Eski Juva (Chorsu) Baazar, Farkhatsky Bazaar, Hippodrome, Chorsu Bazaar, Farkhtsky bazaar, War Memorial,Aqua Park, Monument for entertainment. The city is famous for its Nightlife, Belly Dance Show, Clubs and more.

Tashkent NightlifeTashkent which was earlier dominated by Russian Empire and currently capital of independent Uzbekistan over 50% population are still Russian’s. Tashkent is well-known for having the most abundant Nightlife in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. Food and fun are at your fingertips. In Tashkenta visitor can find 100s of Restaurants offering Live Music and ballet shows during the dinners. Bowling, Billiard, Clubs are open till late in the night.

Independent Square – is one of the most visited tourist destination in Tashkent. Adorned with beautiful modern buildings, architectures, fountains and very clean and tidy gardens, it is the largest city square and is thronged by tourist and travellers around the world whether it is summer, spring or winter.

Chimgon– is a must include in the visit list of Tashkent. Far away from Tashkent city, it is three hours taxi ride to Chimgon and Charvak reservoir areas. With beautiful, snow covered mountain peak, lush green wavy terrain with cool breeze rejuvenate the travellers with its majestic look and charm.

Amir Timur Museum– visible from a far distance is an extremely beautiful must visit place in tashkent adorned with beautiful fountains and garden. The Museum building is a replica of Amir Temur's Crown and housed with all the history of his venture-maps, dresses, books and battling weapons.

Palace of International Forums– is a place of national and international contact as well as the country´s official representative building. It is located on Amir Timur Square and was ceremonially opened in September 2009 to celebrate Tashkent’s 2200th anniversary.

Broadway- Broadway is a street, interesting place located in Tashkent with many shopping centres, fashion shops, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes. You can make your portrait here with street artists and painters, who display their original artworks.

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Bhubaneswar “City of ancient Temples & Monuments”

Bhubaneswar is also called the cathedral city... in fact. It is said that at one time over 7000 temples crowded around the holy Bindu Sagar tank alone. Today, about 500 remains, of which, some are, perfection personalised. The city is studded with modern architecture. Its towering parks, state museum, university and Rabindra Manadap contrast with the monuments of the old city and occasionally echo their influence.

The largest temple here is the 11th century Lingaraj Temple which exhibits temple art of several centuries. The temple is the culmination of architectural beauty and sculpted elegance. Shiva is the presiding deity but almost all the Hindu gods and goddesses are represented.

Dating back to the 11th century, the raja Rani temple is an elegant example of Great finesse in temple art and architecture. The sensuous beauty of the female form and the filigree sweetness of flowers and fruits are enhanced by the artist’s dexterous skill. Lack of a temple deity and celebration of the female form are some intriguing aspects of this temple.

Considered as the Gem of Orissa temple architecture, Mukteswar temple is a 10th century monument. It is famous for the stone arch and fine sculptures depicting stories from Panchatantra.
A small but richy decorated Parsurameswar Temple of 7th century AD is a shrine of Shiva situated close to Mukteswar Temple.

Vital temple is architecturally striking and its art mature and elegant. The presiding deity is the eight-armed Chamunda (Kali).

Iskcon Temples is another contemporary temple is Krishna Balram temple, built in 1991. The main festival is the Car festival like Ratha Yatra of Lord Jagnnath.

Apart from this temple, Bhubaneswar also has three very good museums. The Orissa State Museum has a rich collection of sculpture, coins, copperplates, stone inscriptions, lithic and bronze-age tools, rarae palm leaf manuscripts and traditional folk and musical instruments. The other is the Regional Museum of natural History near Planetarium. Another unique one is the Tribal Museum at CRPF square Patani Samant Planetarium has special attraction for tourists, scientists. The Planetarium remains open every day except Monday. Daily programme Orissa Regional Science Center is also a special attraction for scholar, scientists, and students and for children. It has a special attraction of 3-dimensional Film show, Motion Gallery, Indect Gallery, Funsile Gallery, Science Park, and pre historic Life Park.

Regional Plant Resource Ceter (Ekamra Kanan) is Sprwaling over a lage area; it has an artificial lake, vast stretch of lawn, colrful seasons and flowers, 3 fountains-Musical fountains, and Finger get fountains.

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Dubai Shopping Festival 2015

The largest shopping and entertainment extravaganza in the Middle East.

Date: Thursday, 1st January - Sunday, 1st February 2015
Duration: 1 month 2 days

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2015, the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) is the largest shopping and entertainment extravaganza in the Middle East. Drawing visitors from across the globe, DSF kicks off Dubai’s calendar of events each year with a wide variety of events, activities and promotions. From international concerts, musicals and shows, to sports, outdoor, and fashion events, Dubai Shopping Festival caters to every age segment.

Attractions of Dubai Shopping Festival:

Find Amazing Brands, Deals & Promotions:
Find out why our unique shopping experience has always been at the heart of this enriching month-long festival. Tour the street markets, dive into the traditional souks or stroll through our swanky shopping malls, and you’ll see why Dubai is the ultimate retail destination. From our partnerships with designer brands and collections created specifically for DSF to our numerous shopping districts, come take advantage of our diverse mainstream and high-end offerings.

And a dizzying number of discounts are on offer to the dedicated shopper this year. From sunglasses to home d├ęcor to designer fashion, prices have been slashed from 25 to 50 percent, and even up to 75 percent. Many purchases come with free gifts, accessories and other enticements.
The Dine & Win promotion during DSF 2014 offered customers spending AED 100 at participating restaurants the chance to win a whopping prize of AED 350,000 in cash. Other promotions include fantastic holiday packages from five-star hotels and resorts.
Win Life-Changing Prizes:
Each year, the prizes offered at the Dubai Shopping Festival kicks off a shopping extravaganza. This is where you can find the best deals and the biggest raffles and promotions. And it’s your chance to go on a winning spree.

The sheer number of winners and the prizes are mind-boggling: For nearly two decades, the DSF has offered more than AED 1.7 billion in prizes in many forms, including 33 Rolls-Royces and 734 kilos of gold. Malls, shopping centres and retail stores offer gift vouchers, scratch and win coupons and many other opportunities to win prizes and discounts.

Get Wrapped Up In Possibilities:
Share a dynamic and exhilarating journey with your friends and family when you come to Dubai for our spectacular shopping festival. Not only is the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) the largest shopping and entertainment extravaganza in the Middle East for 20 years running, it’s the longest running festival of its kind in the world. And it brings loved ones together for a voyage into inspiration and discovery.

The festival kicks off the New Year with a truly amazing number of events and performances, not to mention the world’s best brands, promotions and deals. Over a month-long period, visitors experience a line-up of world-class entertainment and enjoy an enriching and memorable shopping experience. You’ll appreciate the citywide discounts and special offers, and also have the opportunity to win life-changing prizes in the form of luxury cars, gold and cash.

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Daring Badi Hill Station: "Kashmir of Odisha"

Kashmir is often the dream destination for foreign as well as domestic tourist eager to visit during holidays. But Daringbadi in Odisha is one of those places in eastern part of the country, which for its natural green, valleys and most importantly the snow fall, is popularly called ‘Kashmir of Odisha’.

Daringbadi beckons with an astounding variety of natural beauty. Situated at an altitude of 3000 ft in the Kandhamal district, this hill station holds great appeal for those with an appreciative eye for exquisite beauty.

Untainted by commercial tourist development, the place is beautified by the pristine valleys as well as pine and coffee gardens.

For wildlife lovers, the place is a compelling destination too. Thick rainforests teem with wild animals. Another weekend trip to mandarmani is also very popular.

Daringbadi is the only place in Orissa that receives snow and where the temperature plummets to zero degree during winter. It is no wonder that the place is fast emerging as a summer retreat for tourists.

How to Get into Daringbadi:

It is connected with good motorable road to Phulbani, Bhubaneswar, Berhampur, and other important places of the state. Daringbadi is:
291 km from Bhubaneswar
165 km from Berhampur
110 km from Phulbani

Things to Do:

Daringbadi The place is gifted with natural bounties such as pine jungles, coffee gardens and beautiful valleys. The journey from the plains to the hills of Daringbadi is an experience in itself. This pretty hill station is an ideal summer resort. Its scenic beauty, dense forest, tribal people and the peaceful environment are its major attractions.


Balaskumpa (110 km): There is a Shakti temple dedicated to Barala Devi and has plenty to offer to the nature lover. It is a picnic spot.

Padmatala: 37 km from Phulbani, the place has a pond where wild animals can be seen in considerable numbers during evenings.

Puruna Katak: 40 km from Phulbani, this place is famous for the temple of goddess Vairavee.

Putudi (125 km): It is 15 km from Phulbani, a place of natural beauty having a charming waterfall on river Saluki falls from the height of 60 feet.

Pilasalunki(115 km): It is a dam project.

Chakapada(115 km): It is 60 km from Phulbani, renowned for the leaning Shiva Temple of Lord Birupaksha on the river Brutunga and Leaning Trees on the river towards South.

Jalespata(80 km): Near Baliguda is famous for Siva linga.

Dungi (95 km): It is famous for congregation of shivalingas in a compact area with archeological importance.

Taptapani (110 km): Situated on the eastern slope of the eastern Ghats, the hot sulphur spring, the lush green forest has remained favourite among the visitors.

Kotagarh (140 km): It is famous for its National Park and wildlife sanctuary.

Charisambhu: 85 km from Phulbani. Otherwise known as Jagati, it has the temple of Lord Charisambhu Ananta Vishnu.

Belghar (130 km): 158 km from Phulbani, it is a place for viewing colourful wildlife, especially elephants. It is inhabited by Kutia kondhs.

Boudh: Buddhism was prevalent in Boudh in between 9th to 12th centuries. A place with a rich cultural heritage, Boudh was the center of various religious movements of the past. The Buddhist shrine where Lord Buddha is seated in Padmasana still stands as testimony to the historic past. Temples of Matangeswari and Hanuman are the added attractions of the place.

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One of the 18 tiger reserves of India, Simlipal National Park is situated in the district of Mayurbhanj, Orissa, spanning across an area of 2,750 sq. km and covered with lush grassland and Sal forests. Similipal is known as the land of the roar of the tiger and the trumpet of the elephant. Dense forest, rugged hilly terrain and wild animals combine to shape its wilderness
Similipal holds the largest tiger population any where in its distributional range within the State. Similipal has been declared as a Tiger Reserve since 1973. Semi-evergreen and moist nature of the tropical forests along with a number of perennial streams offer ideal shelter to a population of about 500 elephants in Similipal.

Sambar, Barking Deer and Wild boat constitute the major prey base for tiger in Similipal.
A number of Rest houses, Rest sheds and Camp houses have been situated at Strategic locations in and around the Similipal, for providing accommodation facilities to the tourists as well as staff on field duty.
Safari in Simlipal is best identified with four vehicles organized by the jungle authority, especially for the jeep safari. An open 4WD safari vehicle is allowed and available for the visitors to check the daily game drives. The opening time of the park to visit is 01st Oct till 15th June. Besides, the jungle jeep safari, the tourists can also have the best capacitive activities to enjoy are:
 .         Bird watching
o       Nature walk
o      Tribal village tour
o      Visit to water fall

Nearby Places/Attractions
Jaranda Falls - This is the most picturesque waterfall in the Simlipal National Park area to serve the visitors as a breathtaking attraction. The Jaranda falls is located at the core region of Simlipal and is smothered around by thick vegetation, cool climate with whistling winds. This is a magnificent location to make it an ideal and marvelous picnic spot for spending lucrative moments along with accompanied by the picturesque views of Mother Nature. The water currents descending at the height of 150 m to make a pool in the base for bathing under this splendid waterfall is also enhanced by the picturesque valleys and mind blogging environment.

Barheipani Falls - this is the most spectacular and eye-catching waterfall in the Simlipal reserve area where the cascading of the stream can be visualized from the height of 399m with tremendous force in an enigmatic style. Located at the backdrop of the magnificent forest of Simlipal and with inducing a scintillating pond at its base to take a soothing bath for the visitors, the Barheipani Falls is the most wonderful and awe-inspiring location for all. The ideal spot for the environment friendly tourists, this spot is the perfect mirror for the virgin beauty along the mesmerizing landscape to make a grand escape from the urban life.

Trekking - At Simlipal, not only the sight-seeing, wildlife excursion and some leisure activities bind the visitors for an energizing entertainment, but the one vehement activity can also be added in the list and that salubriously the trekking fun all around the way to the hard terrains of the Simlipal tiger reserve. The forest which is decked with undulating hilly terrains offer all grades of trekking challenges to the adventurous tourists. Natural walks, hiking and rough trekking are the other attractions in this park to enjoy the natural splendors, the exquisite ambience and breathtaking landscapes.

Other Attraction - Simlipal is the ideal location to learn and enjoy the life and culture of the tribal society of Orissa. The tourists can interact with the tribe populace and participate in their festivities and customs. The area is an acclaimed place for adventurous activities like nature walking, forest safari and trekking. The two majestic peaks Meghasani and Khairiburu add much attraction to the area to explore the Mother Nature.

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