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Adventure, Bhitarakanika, Satkosia And Similipal Wildlife Tours.

Adventure, Bhitarakanika, Satkosia And Similipal Wildlife Tours.

Sep 3, 2020

Forests of Orissa Where Bliss and Adventure Amalgamates


Forests of Orissa comprise their secrets deep within. The land of day-green & night-darkness utters many things, silently. Due to this unique mysticism, many thrill-seeking travelers across the globe, arrive at Orissa and quench their thirst with enchantment.  May it be the well known Simlipal National Park or Satkosia, you will enjoy every moment you spend here.

Wildlife, the treasure of the forest, is found here in abundance. Blackbucks, storks, crocodiles, pangolins, sambars, hill mynas & panthers are visible in many parts of these sanctuaries along with lots of other species. Moreover, it’s an experience, and you can never imagine without visiting the place once. But, along with the spot you visit, the way you visit also decides the experience you will achieve. Swosti Travels can provide you the excellent transport service facility you need for extracting the exact soul of Orissa.



Bhitarkanika is famous for its sanctuary and National Park. Bhitarkanika National Park is located in the northeast Kendrapara district and far stretched in 145 km² area. The National Park was inaugurated on 16th September 1998 and marked with the status of the Ramsar site on 19th August 2002. The sanctuary in Bhitarkarnika is occupying over 672 km² area. Bhitarkanika also called mini amazon which has second largest mangrove in India and has 62 types of mangrove. The national park is famous among travelers as saltwater crocodiles, Black ibis, varieties of butterflies, 8 types of beautiful king fisher can be seen here.



Satkosia is famous because it is one of the very few places where Royal Bengal Tigers roamBeing one of the top ecosystems in India, the reserve is stretched over 963.87 sq km, with a core area of 523.61sq km. The tiger reserve was declared a reserve in 2007. While being here, travelers love to watch wild animals from the bank of Mahanadi. Sights of aquatic birds, reptiles, and amphibians are quite easy to gain here, one can also see elephants, basking ghadials & a large no of beautiful butterflies.At satkosia, the biggest gorge of Mahanadi is also there.


Simlipal Wildlife

Simlipal will bestow you with its enriched wildlife in its national parkSimlipal sanctuary is occupying a 2,200 sq km area. The park is more beautiful with majestic waterfalls like Berehipani & Joranda and holds the highest number of tigers in the entire Orissa. Approximately, 55 mammal species, 304 bird species & 60species of reptiles live here.


Concluding Thoughts

Orissa is beautiful only because of its diversity in wildlife. Besides, the reserves are enriched with different species of trees that are the home of those other living entities. However, while visiting these places, you can minimize your traveling hassle by appointing Swosti Traveler’s convenient facilities.

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