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Adventure, Bhitarkanika, Satkosia and Similipal Wildlife tours | Swosti Travels

Adventure, Bhitarkanika, Satkosia and Similipal Wildlife tours | Swosti Travels

Dec 7, 2020

The Destination Gems That Odisha Has In Its Trove For Travel Loving Hearts

While thinking about eco-tour destinations, we often overlook Odisha, despite the magnetizing beauty it comprises. The reason for it may be, many of us are not yet informed that this is one of the states of India that have wide virgin sea beaches, temples, ruins, forests filled with rich flora and fauna. This article will name three must-visit destinations of Odisha, where the beauty of Mother Nature is prevailing in all its glory.



The splendor land and one of India’s most attractive eco-tour destinations, Daringbadi, is one hill station nestled in Odisha’s eastern ghat. The majestic grandeur of this place puts it into comparison with Kashmir. Yes! Daringbadi is renowned as the Kashmir of Odisha. You will find yourself surrounded by green rain forests, stretched valleys, and coffee gardens on your visit to this place. Daringbadi is located in the Kandhamal District of Odhisa, where 71% of the land is covered by lush deep forest. The area also knows how to embrace the winter as on chilly nights, the mercury level loves to be under zero degree.

Bhitarkanika Crocodile


Bhitarkanika, the name itself, sings her song of beauty. In Odia, ‘Bhitar’ means inside, and ‘Kanika’ means beautiful. On her lap, Bhitarkanika nurtures India’s second-largest mangrove ecosystem, which puts it in the second position of the country’s best eco-tour destinations. The network of many creeks and canals brings the beauty of this place to another height, and rivers Baitarani, Dhamra, Patasala, and Brahmani inundate it like loving mothers.

The saltwater crocodiles roam this place in the largest congregation. And you can also locate other species like hyenas, wild boar, deer, and more. Bhitarkanika is also home to reptiles like Indian pythons, monitor lizards, etc. the place is also a heaven for bird watchers. Thousands of birds use Bagagahana or the heronry close to Surajpore creek. The hunting porch, previously used by the then maharaja for hunting, complements the place with heritage value.

The main species to see here are kingfishers. Of the 12 species of kingfishers found in India 8 can be found in Bhitarkanika.

Satkosia Gorge


Satkosia is blessed with a delightful panorama of nature. The place is immensely attractive for travelers with one of the best ecosystems of the entire country. The name of this place denotes its vastness. In Odia, ‘Sat’ means seven, and ‘Kos’ means two miles. Meaning, the gorge and what the place is spread over 14 miles or 22 km long.

Odhisa has so many gifts, enough for quenching a traveler’s soul. On your visit to these places, every day will wait for you with special surprises. You will make memories that are worthy of being kept for life long. At Swosti Travels, we will be at your side every moment of your trip so that you can extract the true essence of these places without any hassle.


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