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Swosti Travels – Your perfect choice for Visa Assistance
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Swosti Travels – Your perfect choice for Visa Assistance

Feb 18, 2022

With the Covid restrictions almost being over, countries all over the world, including India are now gradually opening up their borders for travel and tourism purpose.  News that has bought cheers not just to tourism professionals worldwide but also to millions of travel enthusiast’s many of whom had remained cooped up in their houses due to the covid lockdown.

With ‘revenge travel’ now in the mind of many a tourist, travelers round the globe have now began making travel plans starting with research for  destination and hotel , modes for travel and those planning to travel abroad-visas.

Of all the travel documents that one needs to carry with themselves when travelling abroad, visas are the most important and critical part of travel documentation. With different visa requirements existing for leisure, business, study, medical  and, MICE purpose, it is therefore vital that you fill it carefully and properly taking into account all the requirements of the country otherwise all your travel plans can go haywire. To avoid such an issue and to save time, it is better to hand over the visa process to agents and travel companies who have expertise in this field.

Swosti Travels is one such travel company who are leaders in the visa facilitation process.  As one of the leading tour operators in Odisha specializing in tours to Odisha, India and abroad we are familiar with the needs and requirements of our travelers whether it’s planning their holidays or assisting with their visa documentation. Our teams of experienced and efficient professionals are always ready to help, guide and assist you in your visa formalities and to get your visa on time.

Why book visas with Swosti Travels

  1. Free expert guidance on visas.
  2. End to end visa facilitation
  3. Quick visa process
  4. Real time update and tracking
  5. One point of contact for your visa needs at the Embassies/consulates
  6. Visa services for all countries
  7. Decades of experience in Visa servicing.
  8. Guaranteed security , privacy and transparency

At Swosti Travels, we follow a four pronged approach to help you get visa on time:

  1. Talk to our visa expert about your travel plans and visa requirements
  2. Submit the requisite documents on time your travel dates and pay the visa fee.
  3. We verify the documents and processing of your visa application.
  4. Receive your visa. Nowadays, most countries provide with e-visa, so make sure you have a valid working e-mail address.

Documents required processing the visa with Swosti Travels

  1. Passport with at least 6 months validity
  2. Photos as per specification.  The photos requirements and specifications differ from country to country hence do check with us before taking a photo.
  3. Covering letter
  4. Travel itinerary (if applicable)
  5. Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  6. Plane tickets ,travel insurance and hotel accommodation
  7. Bank statement
  8. For business visa- company records, meeting invitation along with a company letter for the same.
  9. For student visa- college admission documents, student travel insurance and finance statements
  10. For medical visa- Letter from the Hospital concerned  on its letterhead

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