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Bhitarakanika Tour and Wildlife tours | Adventure Tour In Odisha | Swosti Travels.
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Bhitarakanika Tour and Wildlife tours | Adventure Tour In Odisha | Swosti Travels.

Nov 13, 2020

Bhitarkanika, A Hidden Slice of Cavernous Wilderness in India

What uniqueness dwells in Bhitarkanika? Before informing you what is expecting you on your tour of Bhitarkanika, we want to utter that the person, who hasn’t visited this place, is still unaware of the mysticism of Indian forests.

In the Kendrapara district of Odisha, Bhitarkanika National Park covers a 145km² area. Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary, spread across 672 km² is surrounding it, keeping Marine Sanctuary and Gahimatha Beach to the east. Rivers Baitarani, Brahmani, Pathsala, and Dhamra are inundating these lands. Being the second-largest mangrove ecosystem of entire India, it is home to many mangrove species.

The Wildlife of Bhitarkanika

Bhitarkanika, the lush green ecosystem, is the dwelling of numerous wild species, which is the majestic land’s real soul.  The place is the natural habitat of Indian Python, saltwater crocodile, rhesus monkey, chital, wild boar, monitor lizards, and over 215 bird species. You can also notice olive ridley turtles nesting on nearby beaches like Garimatha. The adventure-Bhitarkanika wildlife tours conducted by Swosti Travels endeavor to give you sights of all of them.

The Major Attractions of Bhitarkanika

The boat ride from Dangmal to Khola or vice versa is recommended for visitors who want to taste the adventure. The boat passes through a dense mangrove forest, giving chances of locating crocodiles, reptiles, and other species. But, for the best boat ride, visitors should come early in the morning or before the sunsets.

The place is also drenched in historical significance. This area was the hunting ground of the King of Kanika. Moreover, you can see many artificial watering holes and hunting towers in many places. Dangmal and Bhitarkanika trail also have some of them. Besides, you can spot many Hindu temples from the medieval period here.

How Your Bhitarkanika Trip would be

Your three-days two nights’ trip to Bhitarkanika will cover Dangamal, Bhitarkanika, Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri, and Udaygiri. On the day of your arrival at bhitarkanika, you will check in Bhitarkanika Nature Camp and visit the Dangmal Crocodile breeding and research Centre, Interpretation center cum Museum, etc. There will be a trek inside the jungle where you can see the wild animals.

On the second day, you will go for a boat ride on creeks and rivers. A trek will be conducted in the old sanctuary area for seeing Lotus Pond, Shiva Temple, hunting tower, etc.

Third day on your way back to Bhubaneswar you will be exploring Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri, and Udaygiri(Buddhist Excavated Sites).

Encompassing one of the largest populations of this endangered species in India, this place also has its name in Guinness World Records for a 7.1 m and 2,000 kg crocodile. The trip to Bhitarkanika would be an exciting one if you truly love to be amidst nature. And, we at Swosti Travels will ensure that you are getting all you desire throughout the trip.

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