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The Wildlife Tour Of Odisha –  The Breathtaking Landscapes & Undisturbed Forests Of Odisha
Odisha Travel Wildlife

The Wildlife Tour Of Odisha – The Breathtaking Landscapes & Undisturbed Forests Of Odisha

May 4, 2023

Odisha is a land of pristine beaches, rich cultural heritage, and abundant biodiversity. Known for its diverse wildlife, the state is home to several national parks and sanctuaries that offer a thrilling and adventurous experience for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Odisha Wildlife Tour is one such adventure that lets you discover the plethora of species that inhabit the dense forests of this beautiful state.

The breathtaking landscapes, sprawling forests, and verdant valleys of Odisha are perfect for a wildlife adventure. The state is home to several iconic species like the Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Elephant, Indian Wild Dog, Indian Rhino, to name a few. Apart from these, one can also spot numerous other species of birds, reptiles, and mammals that thrive in these forests.

The Odisha Wildlife Tour is a perfect way to explore the undisturbed forests of the state, which encompasses some of the most valuable ecosystems. One can also enjoy various activities like camping, trekking, jungle safari and bird watching.

 Explore The Rich Biodiversity Of Odisha

Odisha, located on the east coast of India, is home to a diverse range of wildlife and landscapes. The state boasts of a rich biodiversity, including several critically endangered species.

The Odisha Wildlife Tour offers a unique opportunity to explore this rich wildlife and landscape. In this tour, you will get to visit some of the best wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Odisha, such as Simlipal National Park, Bhitarkanika National Park, and Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary. These sanctuaries are home to a wide range of species, including tigers, leopards, elephants, saltwater crocodiles, and huge  species of birds. The tour also includes opportunities for trekking and camping, to get a firsthand experience of the beautiful natural surroundings.

With a knowledgeable guide and comfortable accommodations, the Odisha Wildlife Tour is the perfect way to explore the richness of Odisha’s biodiversity.

Visit the Bhitarkanika National Park

One of the prime highlights of the Odisha Wildlife Tour is a visit to the Bhitarkanika National Park, located in the Kendrapara district of Odisha. Covering an area of around 650 square kilometers, this national park is a natural habitat for various endangered species of plant and animal life such as Saltwater crocodile, Indian python, and White-bellied Sea Eagle. Witnessing these incredible creatures in their natural settings can be an unforgettable experience for wildlife enthusiasts. The national park is also known for its mangrove forests, which provide a unique ecosystem for a host of plant and animal species.

The park has several trekking routes and boating options that enable the visitors to explore the rich biodiversity of the region. The Bhitarkanika National Park is an ideal destination for anyone looking to explore the unspoiled natural beauty of Odisha, and it is sure to leave you spellbound with its unmatched charm.

Bhitarkanika National Park

Observe The Variety Of Birds And Mammals In Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary

One of the most captivating experiences that the Odisha Wildlife Tour offers is the opportunity to observe the diverse variety of birds and mammals that inhabit the Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary. Situated on the southern banks of the Mahanadi River, the sanctuary is home to an incredible range of avian species. Birdwatchers can catch a glimpse of intricate plumage and hear the melodic songs of birds such as the Indian roller, crested serpent eagle, and changeable hawk-eagle.

The sanctuary is also a natural habitat for numerous species of mammals, including the Indian leopard, sloth bear, and gaur. Visitors can explore the sanctuary by foot, boat or take an elephant ride and witness the natural interactions of these captivating animals in their natural habitat. For wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, the Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary is an ideal destination to explore and experience the diversity of wildlife that Odisha has to offer.

Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary

Learn about local culture and customs

As you embark on the Odisha Wildlife Tour, it’s important to not only appreciate the natural beauty of the region but also to learn about the local culture and customs.

Odisha is home to a diverse range of ethnic groups and communities, each with their unique traditions and practices. Taking the time to understand these cultural nuances can provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of the region and its people. The tour includes opportunities to visit local villages and interact with the villagers, attend cultural events and festivals, and learn about traditional crafts and practices. By participating in these activities, you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the region’s history, culture, and way of life. Furthermore, showing respect for local customs and traditions is an essential component of responsible tourism, which is integral to sustainable travel practices.

Enjoy The Picturesque Beauty Of Odisha’s Wildlife Sanctuaries

Odisha, an eastern state of India, boasts a diverse wildlife that attracts nature enthusiasts from different parts of the world. A visit to the wildlife sanctuaries is an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Odisha and witness the creatures in their natural habitats.

The state offers a range of biodiversity, from forests to marine life, making it a paradise for wildlife lovers. Visitors can enjoy the picturesque beauty of the state’s wildlife sanctuaries, including Satkosia Tiger Reserve, Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary, and Simlipal National Park. Satkosia Tiger Reserve, located on the banks of the Mahanadi River, is known for its majestic tigers, leopards, and elephants.

Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary, a popular bird-watching spot, is home to different species of migratory and resident birds.

Simlipal National Park, with its picturesque waterfalls and dense forests, is a hub for animal lovers, boasting of Asian elephants, Royal Bengal tigers, and different varieties of deer species. A visit to Odisha’s wildlife sanctuaries is a must for anyone looking to explore the beauty of nature while enjoying the comfort of a guided tour.

To Sum It Up, a wildlife tour in Odisha is a must-have experience for all nature and animal lovers. This state is blessed with a rich wildlife heritage that includes rare species of animals and birds that are not easily found elsewhere. The state has a number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, and each one has something unique to offer. The sights and sounds of the wilderness, the chance to spot some of the rarest creatures on the planet, and the thrill of being immersed in nature are all reasons why a wildlife tour of Odisha should be on your bucket list.

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